Volunteering Information

Perth Homeless Support Group Inc. (PHSG) is an Incorporated Association with a purpose that is beneficial to the community.


The Association was incorporated on April, 2014 and is run entirely by volunteers. 


Perth Homeless support Group Inc provides support to people experiencing homelessness or at risk though our outreach programs and emergency hamper program.


We have put together the following information for your reference.  Please read the information and sign to acknowledge you have understood your rights and obligations as a volunteer with our Association.

Principles Of Volunteering

  • Volunteer work is unpaid
  • Volunteering is always a matter of choice
  • Volunteering is an activity performed in the not-for-profit sector
  • Volunteers do not replace paid workers or constitute a threat to job security of paid workers
  • Volunteering is a legitimate way for people to participate in their community.

Roles As A Volunteer At PHSG

There are many ways that volunteers can contribute to PHSG.

  • Bookkeeping, administrative support e.g. record keeping, grant applications.
  • Professional services (e.g. free legal or accounting advice).
  • Participation on any sub-committees.
  • Participation in, or co-ordination of, activities and events run by the association.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Organisational advice.
  • Direct service delivery – e.g.attending outreaches, hamper delivery, picking up donations etc.

Rights and Obligations of being a Volunteer at PHSG.

Volunteers at PHSG have a right to the following:

  • Choose the types of activity in which they wish to be involved.
  • Be adequately covered by insurance.
  • Receive orientation, training and ongoing support.
  • Receive reimbursement of authorized out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Say ‘no’ when they cannot commit to a task.


Volunteers at PHSG have a responsibility to:

  • To work in accordance with health and safety laws.
  • Work in accordance with instructions and rules of the Association.
  • Notify the Association if they are unable to attend work.
  • Be willing to undertake training and supervision.
  • Maintain confidentiality and be non-judgmental
  • Say ‘no’ when they cannot commit to a task.


Rights and Responsibilities of Perth Homeless Support Group Inc (As An Incorporated Association).

PHSG has the right, in engaging volunteers, to:

  • Assess the volunteer’s capabilities and allocate suitable tasks for them
  • Plan and facilitate volunteer training
  • Reassign volunteers to appropriate work
  • Supervise volunteers and give feedback
  • Decline to use volunteers in certain capacities.


Also, in engaging volunteers, PHSG has the responsibility to:

  • Empower volunteers to meet their own, as well as the association’s, needs
  • Offer volunteers work opportunities that are appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations
  • Provide volunteers with orientation training
  • Implement procedures to ensure volunteer safety and well-being
  • Offer reimbursement for prior agreed upon out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Recognize the value of contributions made by volunteers.

Insurance and Liability

In certain circumstances, the Volunteers and food and other donors (Protection from Liability) Act 202 relieves volunteers of incorporated associations from civil liability for acts done in the course of their volunteer work, and transfers that liability to the incorporated association.  Generally speaking,the incorporated association will be liable for anything a volunteer does in good faith when doing work organized by the association.


There are two types of insurance associated with volunteers:

  • Public Liability Insurance – this protects volunteers and the organization from legal action from third parties (including volunteers) where negligence can be proved.
  • Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance – this protects volunteers if they are injured without proof of negligence.

PHSG will not be liable for acts of volunteers where the volunteer:

  • Acts outside the scope of the work organized by the association
  • Acts contrary to instructions given by the association
  • Is unable to do their work in a proper manner because his or her actions were significantly impaired by alcohol or non-therapeutic drugs.

Equal Opportunity (Working with Respect)

PHSG is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and opposes unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimization or inappropriate and unacceptable behavior in the workplace. 


There is both Commonwealth and Western Australian State legislation governing anti-discrimination laws.


Discrimination is defined as a practice that distinguishes between individuals or groups in order to advantage some and disadvantage others.


Harassment is any form of unwelcome, unwanted, non-reciprocal behavior that humiliates, offends or intimidates.


Bullying is repeated unreasonable behavior directed towards an employee or group of employees (volunteers) which victimizes, humiliates, threatens and undermines, thereby creating a risk of health and safety.


Victimisation is the act of punishing or discriminating against someone selectively or unfairly.

Grievances and Disputes

The potential for grievances and disputes lies across many layers of an association.  Grievances and disputes most commonly arise between:

  • An association member and another member (or members)
  • A member and the association itself, or the Board;
  • Non-members (or clients) and the association, if the association provides services to non-members
  • Volunteers and the association.


Anyone who believes they have been discriminated against, harassed or bullied in violation of Commonwealth or Western Australian State legislation, or who have any other grievance or dispute should contact us.